Beef Heart Party and Butchery

In order to end the year on a proper note, I recently held a celebratory beef heart party at my apartment. While we have already discussed the greatness that is beef heart, I thought I’d share the recipe we used and talk a little bit more about it.

First, in order to ease people into trying beef heart for the first time, we made a beef heart stew. While beef heart doesn’t have that exceptionally iron flavor that many organ meats have, the concept can still be intimidating. By mixing it in with a stew, it eases the mind a bit for those afraid.

The stew consisted of the following:

Celery, Carrots, Potatoes, onions, garlic, Cream of Mushroom as the base, and chunks of beef heart.

It was thrown into a crockpot and slowly cooked for 8 hours. Extremely simple to make and not one complaint was received about the taste.

The one issue you might find is you don’t get the full beef heart effect because the meat is a bit more on the well done side the tenderness that beef heart has.

I was going to throw in some extra organ meats for the day, but people didn’t seem so willing to try kidney, plus due to unforeseen circumstances there was no time to truly prepare.  The recipe I was going to use is this one below:

I suggest to everyone, throw your own beef heart party, it might surprise you as to how many people might come.

One more thing I wanted to mention is something I was sent the other day about new butcher shops opening up in Chicago. These are unique because it will give the customer the opportunity to see firsthand the animal being cut. It does not get more fresh than that. This is what a lot of people talk about though, getting to know and respect your food.  What better way than watching the whole process take shape in front of you?

Think about it, people take for granted where the meat comes from and how it’s cut apart. One of the lessons from the beef heart is how much work has to go in to cutting out the heart and then breaking down the heart when it comes to the eatable muscle.  So take a chance and see what kind of creations you can do for yourself.


About Benjie Klein
Born on a cold day in 1984 my eyes opened for the first time gazing hazily and it was clear, I knew nothing. Over time, however, that has changed. Hi, I'm Benjie Klein, currently enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Wisconsin in the Mass Communications and Journalism MA program. After receiving a bachelors degree at Michigan State University I worked for the Detroit Tigers and Lions before taking a year off to travel (adventures can be learned about at Now I embark on a journey to tell you not of myself, but the world of technology and the way it continues to shape the world we live in. In addition, every once in a while I'll throw in some sports related commentary or just general ideas on life in a journalistic manner, of course.

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